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        Amount of Deposit Required by Renters:             $100.00

      Refund  deposit only:  No interest paid


        A charge of $25.00 to set up each new account as new connections are added to the system.  This will be applied to new rental customers as well as customers new to the system and will be reflected on their first billing.


        Water bills are due when rendered.  A late notice is mailed after due date.  This notice will include a 1 1/2% late charge.   The late charge of  1.5% will be added when bills are due (20 days from date of billing)). 


        A $20.00 returned check fee will be assessed for all returned checks and drafts.


        Reconnect Fee  $65.00


        Water Rate Schedule:   $30.50 plus a fee of $2.50/1000 gallons for all water used with rates being reviewed monthly. 


        The dry tap or availability fee would be $30.50 for citizens who have a meter box but have not made the connection to their home.


        Billing will be done on a monthly basis.   The first bill will include $30.50 per month plus $2.50 per 1,000 gallons of water used with the first meter reading starting at 0 and could cover two months at $30.50 per month plus the water consumed.


        Bulk Water Sales:  Hourly Labor Rate charged by Contractor plus $2.50/1,000 gallons of water purchased. 


Rev.   7-1-13

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