Town Council Current Agenda

September 14, 2017

  I.   Call Council Meeting to Order

   II.   Invocation                                                                                  

  III.   Pledge of AllegianceAnchor

  IV.   Review and Adopt Agenda (Delete and/or Rearrange)

V. Reading and Approval of the Minutes for the following:  August 9, 2017 Town Council Business                        Meeting; August 10, 2017 Regular Town Council Meeting; August 23, 2017 Town Council Business                  Meeting.

 VII.   New Business:
           1.   Report from Guilford County Sheriff’s Department
           2.   Finance Report – August, 2017
           3.   PUBLIC HEARING:  Board of Adjustment – Appeal (Treeline Development Case #17-                  06-STPL-02951):  Request for Waivers and Preliminary Plat with Conditions
           4.   Republic Services
           5.   Consider Hiring Water Technician
           6.   Consider Meritech Proposal

VIII.   Unfinished Business: 
           1.   Stokesdale Water System
                  a. Citizens’ Comment Period on the Stokesdale Water System
           2.   Continued – Emergency Access Water Usage Policy
           3.   Continued – Scope of Study/Feasibility Study for Proposed Regional Water Authority
           4.   Continued – Brad’s Bobcat Proposal
           5.   Continued – Town Park Benches

   IX.   Committee and Board Reports:
            1.   Committee/Board Reports
            2.   Departmental and Administrative Report – Town Administraton
    X.   Comments from the Floor and/or Comments about the Proposed Regional Water Authority (3 Minute             Limit per Speaker)

   XI.   Announcements:    
            1.   The Stokesdale Planning Board Meeting is scheduled for Thursday, October 5, 2017, at 7:00pm, if                    there are cases to be heard.
            2.   Applications are being accepted for positions on the Planning Board and Committees.                                          Applications are available in the lobby and on the Town website at
            3. or 1420 WMYN:  Stokesdale on the Air with Mayor Braswell is on                      the first Wednesday of each month.  Programs are archived on the website if you miss the live                          version.
            4.   For Monthly Events of Organizations in Stokesdale, please check the websites for their calendars                      of events: Good Samaritan Ministries of Stokesdale at
            5.   A Town Council Business Meeting is held at 4:00pm every Wednesday at Town Hall, unless there                    is no business to discuss. The public is invited to attend.
            6.   The Sunshine List is for citizens that would like to be informed of public meetings being held at                        Town Hall. If you would like to be added to the Sunshine List, please send an                                                           email with your request.
            7.   The public is invited to attend a Citizen Input Meeting on Tuesday, September 19th, from 6:00pm                    to 8:00pm, at Town Hall. This is an opportunity to provide input to Town Council regarding the                      proposed Northwest Guilford County Water System Feasibility Study.
            8.   The Stokesdale Christmas Parade Committee is scheduled to meet on Thursday, September 21st,                      at Town Hall. Volunteers to help with the parade would be greatly appreciated!
            9.   The 4th Annual Stokesdale Fall Festive Craft Fair will be held on Saturday, October 21st, from                          9:00am to 6:00pm on Stokesdale Street in Downtown Stokesdale. There will be handmade crafts,                    jams, baked goods, face paintings, food trucks, Shaved Paradice, and more!
           10.  Stokesdale Community Day will be held at Town Hall on Saturday, October 28th, from 10:00am
                   to 2:00pm. Come set up a table for yourself or your organization. There will be a library book                            sale, bounce house for the kids, and canned food drive. Free hotdogs and drinks will be provided                      by Woodman Life! Please call Town Hall to reserveyour space.
  XII.   Comments from Council

 XIII.   Adjournment