Town Government

Stokesdale Town Council
                         Tim Jones              Mayor Randy Braswell                William N. Jones, Jr. Mayor Pro Tem 
                                                     Frank Bruno                             V icki White-Lawrence      

     Name                          Address                                     Contact Numbers                               Term
     Vicki White-Lawrence               8400 West Falls Lane                 (336) 643-7676                 2013-2017
                                                             Stokesdale, NC  27357       

     William N. Jones, Jr.                8002 Dorsett Downs Dr                (336) 643-5803              2015-2019
                                                            Stokesdale, NC  27357       

     Randy Braswell                          PO Box 483                                    (336) 451-5881(c)              2013-2017
                                                            Stokesdale, NC  27357        

     Frank Bruno                              7676 Anthony Rd                           (336) 337-8473                  2015-2019
                                                           Kernersville, NC  27284     

      Tim Jones                                   PO Box 95                                        (336)643-4011                  2015-2019
                                                            Stokesdale, NC  27357        

The Town of Stokesdale is served by a Mayor  and four Council members.  The Town Council meets on the second Thursday of each month at 7:00 PM in the Stokesdale Town Hall located at 8325 Angel Pardue Road.

The Town Charter of the Town of Stokesdale specifies that the Town will operate under the mayor-council plan as provided in Part 3 of Article 7 of Chapter 160A of the General Statutes of North Carolina. 

Initially, elections were held every two years with the terms being staggered so that two positions were  filled at one election and three positions being filled at the subsequent election. Council members serve four-year terms of office.    After a referendum election on November 2, 2004, the Town charter was amended to require the election of the Town Mayor by holding mayoral elections every four years.   Pursuant to the Town charter change, one of the five council members seats became the mayor seat.  At the  regular 2005 election, one mayor and one council member was elected.  The person receiving the highest number of votes for the mayor seat was elected mayor for a four-year term.  The person receiving the highest number of votes for the council member seat was elected for a four -year term.